Disk #2

by Theusz Amstrad

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released September 20, 2012

Rafhell screams and plays guitar.
Mück plays bass and sings underground vocals on the left side.
Pierhùn plays vocals and sings drums.

All songs were written & performed by Theusz Amstrad except Citta Violenta written by Ennio Morricone.

All songs were recorded live at "La Mouche" in 5 days except few vocals recorded at studio "Grand Parc" in 2 days Feburary 2012

Piano on Born Pigs by Samuel Frin.

Recorded and Mixed by Mück Luto
Unmastered by Brüt Müzho
Artwork by CPC 5512

Live Picture by Charlotte Heslouin



all rights reserved


Theusz Amstrad Caen, France

Noise-Zeuhl Band from Hérouville Saint-Clair/Caen, France.

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Track Name: Glaisse
This is a cool spatious conduit !
Let me barter, let me talk
This is a cool spatious conduit !
let me talk, Let me barter

Yes this is for me, not for my children
I'll wait 10 years, maybe more
In wood please, I don't like steel

This is a cool spatious conduit !
Let me barter,let me talk.

How much does it cost ?
I'll pay in one go, in cash, for sure !
Yes, this is for me...

Dig me,
I've seen you serious, when we seal it
But it would need wait 10 years, or more

Shelve me,
I feel alone inside, because I'm alive.
Maybe, I'm wrong but I'm not the only one.

Forget me,
Tonight I would invite you to meet me
You can't because you've buried me too fast
Track Name: U-Boat
We promise to come to your funeral
A stepping stone for your tomb, Captain

We hope your u-boat will be blasted off!
But don't forget, Captain !

Rats are deserting the sinking ship

This Land is not for you
Get back to the nördik
Before the impact !

Rats are deserting the sinking ship

Chocolate digger
Fashion Bastard
Monkey dick
Land of squirt

Melting of shit, we don't LOVE
Party on your mom and we enjoy !
No one will be saved...

No one will be saved

Party on your mom and we enjoy.
Melting of shit, we don't LOVE
Track Name: Modern Mummy
I run after your gods
I refer to heavens there
I have questions to put out /submit
And I wait that answers there
Where do these doubts come from?
From where do this violence comes to me?

From the grave you made me dig! *3

I am a modern mummy
I cannot live without hiding me
I cannot live without mommy
I am a modern and young idiot

From the grave you’ve made me dig! *3

And i would like to be otherwise
And I’m a modern mummy
And i would like to be otherwise
And I’m a modern mummy

From the grave you‘ve made me dig! *3

I am already a ghost
The one you wanted me to be
I am hanging on synapses
Which created me
I’ve no appropriate will
Except for my urge for blood
Track Name: Repulsion
With a straight-razor, she looks at me. x2

"lei continua a tagliare, ma io sono già morto"

With a straight-razor, she keeps on cutting me
Track Name: Unsane H.S.C.
Leave this city
This drop dead city
Murders, Rapes

Do you smell that filth ?
But this day will come

Wash all this scum
Purify her from all bastards

a dark rain will come or a heavy thunder

Burn this city
this unhealty city
Set fire to
Reduce to ashes

Heat, Oxygen, Fuel
All is good to

Wash all this scum
Purify her from all bastards

It is so quiet
Track Name: Theusz Amstrad

Hey !
You've got a computer
A computer from hell
Programming evil

Theusz Amstrad x6

Hey !
Especially don't worry
When your binary thought
will be split a pin code dust

Theusz Amstrad x6

Hey !
When your brain will be connected on the sector
Don't be afraid
Here high flow !

Theusz Amstrad x6

Hey !
And when some sparks at the end of your tongue
will indicate you
your syntax errors

Sugar Trading x4
CPC 6128
Sugar Trading x4
CPC 6128

Come my fanatics !
Come on, Come on, Come to me ! x2

Come my fanatics !
Come on, Come on, Come to me !
Come my fanatics !
CPC 6128
Come on, Come on, Come on !
This Floppy is for you !
Come my fanatics !
Come on, Come on, Come to me !
This Floppy is for you !
CPC 5512 !
CPC 6128 !
CPC 5512 !
This Floppy is for you !
Track Name: Jigsaw, Chainsaw Etc...
The chainsaws used in this song are real and dangerous!
Oh they are handled here by seasoned professionals.

We advise strongly to don't perform these stunts at home.
Especially if you are naked...

I'd stumbled
into the middle of an evil,
insidious cult
of chainsaw worshipping maniacs.
I came across a gang of
chainsaw weilding prostitutes
that like to carve
people up for their cult.

I had to wonder
if we'd let our religious

or maybe our
immigration laws

I promise a sequel,
that will never made.
Because he was cleaning the chainsaw

And it just started up!
A jigsaw too !
What do I do ?
Pray to Black and Decker ? x2
Track Name: Born Pigs
I don't know what to say

Born Pig

I don't really know what to say


Born Pig

I promise, tomorrow I'll stop

I/played/with my/wwwwoooooh

Born Pig

Daddy said to me that nightclubs were places of passions and tears.
That intrigued me so much that I went there the threatening fly
And I discovered there failing heaps of meats and a lot of drunk decibels of stupidities.

Mum, I promise, tomorrow I'll stop
Track Name: The Ballad On The Edge Of The Canal
She seems to be all I never hoped for
Her reflection in the brackish water is an appeal of the gods
Streetlights send back to me a blessed brightness of her face
My hands are afraid of not having to touch her
This ballad at the edge of the canal is an unfortunate journey
Which sounds the death knell of my consciousness and her body

I feel trembling

She does not seem to be too frighten by the sound of my steps
She invites me to follow the approach of her desires
Her gestures caress my divine wrath
Muscles move underneath her jeans and her leather skin.

Is there nobody to save us?

I feel trembling
Track Name: Fist First
Welcome to my home, sit down and relax.

Like greek education, the old guy teaches to young boys.

Fingers or Shoulders ? It's up to you !

Don't forget your gloves, it's my favorite manual activity.

You need to be open to many things but it's a great spiritual quest.

Tomato, Starchy food, to be warm inside.

Come into my House but think first.
Play my game but me first.
Come into my House but think first.
It's a fuck fest but fist first.

That's when party starts !